Periodical Podcast October 18th: T.O.’s Tirades, NHL, Flyers, Panthers

Heading into the 2017-2018 season, we decided to change up the format of the Whyhockey Periodical Podcast, and how we deliver the audio. Instead of an hour plus long cornucopia podcast that touches on NHL happenings and the teams we follow (Flyers, Panthers), we decided to break the podcast into 3 ‘periods’ files and post separately (hey, our podcast  name still works!). Our hope is that this will make it easier for you, the listeners, to hear what you want and not have to skip around a long audio file to find it. If you like the whole sha-bang, don’t worry. In our posts on the website, we will continue to put them all together in one spot (as you will see below).

Feel free to leave us feedback on the new format!


Thomas and Matthew talk some general hockey topics in the October 18th recording of Period 1, including Brooks Orpik, Washington Capitals, New York Rangers dream team, New Jersey Devils are fun.


Thomas and Matthew spend the middle frame discussing Dale Weiss and Andy MacDonald not mucking up the works, the power of stacking your offense in the top6 when you have depth, Elliot vs Mason vs Neuvirth., and defensive core construction.


Thomas and Matthew discuss the lost opportunity of the Flyers game, roster construction, good and bad and middleness of Florida to date.


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