Krulikowski’s Draft List

The 2018 NHL (don’t say entry) Draft is quickly upon us and like every one else, Whyhockey is hurrying up to finish their reporting and wait for names to be called. This year’s event takes place in Dallas, Texas with coverage for the first round starting at 7:00 PM EST Friday on NBCSN / SN / TVAS and rounds 2-7 starting at 11:00 AM EST Saturday on NHLN / SN / TVAS.

A Draft Guide containing our Mock Draft and annotated Top 69 Skaters +  8 Goalies to Draft will publish Wednesday. For Florida Panthers and Philadelphia Flyer fans, a post for each team will go up Thursday detailing how we realistically see this draft unfolding for the respected team. But since you are reading this in a post and not a tweet, we obviously have some additional draft content to provide.

In the table below is an ordered 25 name list. If I were a scout or a GM at a draft table with 5 or 6 picks to make up and down the draft, this would be the 25 prospects I’d head into the draft floor with the goal of drafting the next name on the list but ready to make adjustments if things drastically change (i.e. trades, prospect freefalling, your own preceding selections, etc.). The first two names (Dahlin, and Svechnikov) are gimmes, you can imagine the list starts after that if you are not a BUF or CAR fan.

The order of the list is not reflective of the Draft Guide rankings to come. The order is not derived from empirical measure. Rather, it is a mix of prospect’s tools, production, realistic availability, gut feeling, conscious bias, unconscious bias. The list is skewed to the top end of the class, at least ten of the listed 25 prospects should go first night. It wouldn’t be a surprise if 13 were crossed off. More surprising however, judging by past personal history, is the number of guys in the teens and early twenties of the below list that hang around round to round deep into day two, making some of the names at the bottom superfluous. Other pundits, scouts, GMs, etc., have their own much different lists–especially in this divergent draft–and so, everything shakes down more than you estimate.

Rank Name Position Notes
1 Rasmus Dahlin D None needed
2 Andrei Svechnikov RW None needed
3 Rasmus Kupari C/W Long term trajectory Kupari has best upside of any center in this draft.
4 Filip Zadina LW Recent rumors Zadina may fall only reason he's seriously on list and not a 'gimme' like Dahlin and Svechnikov.
5 Jesperi Kotkaniemi W/C Recent hype makes him tough to attain but he is a reasonable pick for me anywhere outside top four.
6 Adam Boqvist D Concussion concerns may make him a realistic option for more teams and has second highest ceiling of defensive prospects.
7 Dominik Bokk W Sheer talent level is top of the class which makes him a high priority target.
8 Grigori Denisenko W Fast playing shooter with good value in middle of first round.
9 Ty Smith D Safer choice of D in first round who plays all situations and logs big minutes.
10 Noah Dobson D Last D on list to select Top 20 or possibly first night, good defensively with offensive ceiling.
11 Jonatan Berggren C/RW Late rising playmaker who should excel in SHL next year.
12 Filip Hallander F Solid forward whose smarts find him high volume of chances.
13 Rasmus Sandin D Intelligent puck mover who exceeds in the defensive zone.
14 Kirill Marchenko LW International and playoff play make him a good choice in second round.
15 Jesse Ylonen RW Slight sharp shooter possesses first round toolkit.
16 Niklas Nordgren RW Small scorer who will go later because of the first word in this sentence.
17 Benoit-Olivier Groulx C Possible Groulx falls into day two and than some but has a high floor.
18 Christian Lindberg D Late birthday defender with solid toolset who could be good value late.
19 Amir Miftakhov G Highly athletic Russian netminder would be good value 4th or later.
20 Carl Wassenius C Power center who has good goal scoring touch available late with perceived slow feet.
21 Marcus Karlberg W Another high scoring small forward possibly available for a mid to late round pick.
22 Mathias Emilio Pettersen C Smart playmaking center who will have time to develop at Denver.
23 Lukas Dostal G Smart goalie with upside to grow into.
24 Jacob Ragnarsson D Solid all around defender who showed well defensively and jumped into the play in Allsvenskan.
25 Olof Lindbom G Efficient not flashy goalie is another option if a team is still in Goalie need.

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