FormulaY Round 4 Power Rankings : Baku Snafu

Anything that could go wrong did go wrong for writing up these Power Rankings. Bad days of travel, sickness, deleted the almost-done post. Yup. Baku Snafu for even Red Bull fans.

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1 – Lewis Hamilton blessedemoji upemoji2

Lewis Hamilton, refreshed and refocused, proves Coachella is not all vapid desert. Four points up after four rounds, Lewis needed luck to be atop the standings with only one win.

2 – Sebastian Vettel pufferfishemoji downemoji1

A late lockup sent Vettel skidding to P4 – a swing of 13 points in the Drivers’ Championship. But so far Seb hasn’t puffed when prodded and next race in Spain will test his resolve.

3 – Valtteri Bottas mooseemojiupemoji1

The poor Finn, debris away from top step of the podium, put together another solid weekend. Like the Monty Python Holy Grail scene, his bid for a Merc seat next year is “not dead yet.”

4 – Daniel Ricciardo honeyemoji badgeremoji downemoji2

Danny Ric retired twice this season but his performance still espouses top driver status. Should the man take any blame from the teammate on teammate crime? Not much if any. Can’t fault him for pressing that hard, and there was more patience than most drivers would give Max.

5 – Ferrari prancinghorse-emoji evenemoji

Vettel is within reach of the Driver’s Championship and the Italian outfit is still #1 in Constructor’s for the time being. The stable is, well, stable. Always mystery and intrigue behind paddock doors but Ferrari is not the circus they usually are.

6 – Kimi Raikkonen iceemojicoolguyemoji upemoji2

The Iceman isn’t here to cruise control into the Sunset of Retirement– though a new Miami GP would be pretty close to the senior home– he is here to come in first. A race win or pole position can’t be far in the future.The execution is just sharper this year.

7 – Red Bull Racing bullemoji upemoji2

Fantastic in too many ways, RBR was the center of the show this weekend with Max and Daniel taking each other out. The downside is the challenger is quickly falling behind Merc and Ferrari with 2 cars with 2 DNFs. To stay this high they need to keep blowing themselves up or actually take the fight to the front.

8 – McLaren sexypeachemoji downemoji1

All things considered, McLaren is high on Power Rankings and the Constructors Championship with a lot of luck. Maybe well deserved luck but luck nonetheless. The Waffle slipped into the points again with late punch that sprung him a few spots. Fern should have never started lap 4 or 5. Pleasure to look at and they are winning points– praise be to Senna.


9- NicostopwatchemojifranceemojiraceremojitrophyemojiHulkenberg downemoji3

Through no fault of his own Hulkenbrg retired in a race he likely could have stood on his first podium. To make matters worse, ex-teammate Perez did stand on the podium. But Hulk put in a good drive, and one bad luck race shouldn’t hurt the Renault driver too much.

10 – Liberty Media flyingmoneyemoji upemoji6

Big week for Liberty. They passed through Regulations to promote easier overtaking despite not getting enough team buy in. They also rolled out the F1TV package ahead of Spain. If Liberty can deliver most of the anticipated value of this streaming service, they will be wielding tons of clout with fans across the globe (that is, if the service isn’t blacked out in their part of the globe…).

11 – Renault redwineemoji upemoji6

Usually this spot talks about all the Renault Powered drives, and the PU that ties them all together. But this round I wanted to focus on the Renault Factory Team. Starting to realize their potential and actualize on their budget spends, Renault kinda resembles a factory that has won Championships before, and well that is good. That is a driver combo that could go far in the midfield.

12 – Max Verstappen mccaulcaulkinemoji downemoji1

Max is treading water it seems. Too good, too important to slip far down the standings. Too immature, too wild to accrue power points and climb the top. At this point, Max is that friend who only drove the wrong way in NASCAR on Playstation just to crash out Tony Stewart.

13 – Sauber artemoji upemoji2

Always a good weekend for backmarkers when there are a ton of DNFs and Safety cars. Sauber came close to getting two cars in the points. Ericsson’s driving (or his setup) is much improved from last year. Leclerc is banging on. There were some noise on past Sauber background dynamics but they didn’t stir the pot that much, which means Sauber is giving other things to talk about.

14 – Fernando Alonso fernchairemoji newemoji

There was no reason to put Alonso on this power ranking until he got back on the podium. We knew it was going to happen somehow so best to wait for it. Maybe it wasn’t F1 but Fernando Alonso won a freakin’ race and we will enjoy that like its 1999 (2009?).

That’s not all the cool Alonso stuff… He drove the MCL back to the pits with no rubber on the right side of his car and still ended up P7.

15 – Christian Horner horneremoji newemoji

Horner returns to the Power Rankings with a well credited Power Move. After the RBRs crashed, Horner insisted the two drivers travel back to the factory team for an in-person apology to the whole team. Stand up stuff. I wanted to keep this in the RBR team stuff, as it is team building but the more I thought about it, the more CH deserved noted recognition.

16 – Charles Leclerc springchickenemojinewemoji

There’s the wonderkid.  The P6 finish should jettison the rookie into comfortability in the series. While it takes luck to outlast those crashing cars, it also takes skill and patience.

17 – Lance Stroll mapleleafemojiupemoji2

Stroll evened up qualifying race at 2-2 between his teammate and made another appearance in the points. Is the Williams improving, is Stroll improving? Or is it just all random roll of the die that has Stroll looking better every race.

18 – Well Done, Baku! thumbsupemojiflag-for-azerbaijan_1f1e6-1f1ffexclamationpointemojinewemoji

This could very well be the last Azerbaijan GP for awhile. Rumors are a Miami GP could replace this circuit on the calendar.

So here is to one of the greatest F1 Memes.

19 – Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez chipmunk_emoji newemoji

Cheeks had himself a weekend. Ocon and himself pushed Force India back into the conversation, showing the car just needed to be warmed up. Perez grabbed a surprise podium and is one of the most consistent drivers in the field.  If Force India had it right out the box, Perez wouldn’t be ‘new’ to these rankings.

20 – Haas rollercoasteremoji downemoji8

Romain Grosjean might have already retired from Spain. To be honest, he might has retired straight out of F1. Romain, where are you? Because whoever is driving your car sucks. This is not just a GRO problem, Magnussen has been doing less and less every round too. Maybe they need Kimi’s 2007 Ferrari instead of the 2017.

Off List:

Kevin Magnussen loudmouthemoji – Last Seen: Rd3 – Discussed with Haas; Needs more personality if driving won’t be there.

Pierre Gasly ghostemoji – Last Seen: Rd 3 – Not a bad week for Gasly but just others butting ahead.

Esteban Ocon alienemoji – Last Seen: Rd 3 – Improving car will have him back up in the PR soon.

Robert Kubica trainemoji – Last Seen: Rd 3 – Williams improving and Rosberg stepping back as agent hurts. But Haas could use a driver still.

Romain Grosjean croissantemoji – Last Seen: Rd2 – Talked about with Haas; Starting to wonder how much is left.

Carlos Sainz JR horseemoji – Last Seen: Rd2 – Discussed positively with Renault team; needs to start outperforming Hulk.

Toto Wolff wolffemoji – Last Seen: Rd1 – Good camera time after all the chaos.

Will Buxton tvemoji – Last Seen: Rd1 – F1 TV Launch should pull him back up

Nico Rosberg oldmanemoji – Last Seen: Rd1 – Ditching Kubica? Killing the hype? You may be off the “off list” soon. I can’t even look at you.



penemoji KRU



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