About Us

Back in 2014 we started as a hockey podcast and blog, Whyhockey.  The growing trend of public relations journalism and click-bait media tired and frustrated us. We aimed to bring back passion and analysis into the sport instead of focusing on churning out quick content or doing a team’s bidding. Two years later, and the needle has moved. It hasn’t always been comfortable or well received but Whyhockey has raised the level of discourse and pushed back against kool-aid drinkers and water carriers. We won’t be stopping that anytime soon.

In fact, we want to take the next step forward: Whyanything. We are tired of “sticking to hockey” and we will be adding our passionate and absurd conversations to a whole slew of  topics- including Politics, Racing and cars, (real) Football, Pokemon, even R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet (more on that later). And if you think you’ll get tired of our voices, don’t worry–we’ll be adding new voices and have rotating guests more. Hopefully this adds diversity that you enjoy and pushes our collective dialogue.

Whyhockey will still be the main focus, especially scouting and prospects.  We may do less Flyers and Panthers-focused things, to allow space for hockey equipment reviews or other more general discussions. But nothing else has changed. We will still post blogs and podcasts with The Sunshine Skate and still obsess over Panthers and Flyers. Just to prove it, we are gonna keep up our original mission statement underneath this. Good things coming down the line, and we are excited to share them with you.

In the meantime, pardon our appearances as we work on making the website look new and tidy.



Click-bait articles.

They grab you in, promise you a worthy read, and fail to deliver. Browse Twitter or any online-only sports media “brand” and you will find plenty of teaser headlines and slick design work. But the actual content? Slideshows, 100 word “articles,” and memes all mass produced for advertisement revenue in a digital age where quantity comes before quality.

Even Webster’s Dictionary knows better.

We got tired of clearing through the clutter and mining for real hockey content. We decided to throw our hats in the ring; we decided to offer the content that many other sites are phasing out. We appreciate long-form articles, deep analysis, looking around the landscape of the National Hockey League and asking “why?”

We believe that content is the catalyst to conversations, not the culmination. And that is why it is our goal to provide meaningful content that sparks the hockey senses and aims to send hockey’s followers deeper down the rabbit hole.

Here, at Whyhockey, you won’t find articles the length of a tweet, you won’t have to go through 10 slides to read an entire article, and your clicks don’t matter more than your insight.

As we said before, our content is the start of the conversation. Comment, share, email us, tweet at us, further the conversation!


The who and what of puck.

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